It’s Only A Movie

I’m crap at nighttime blogging. You would think I would have more to talk about after a long day, and thus it would be easy to just spill it out here. Not so. The routine of morning coffee and blogging in a warm coffee shop works wonders on loosing what I have to say about things. 

Half the day was eaten up by new car obligations. It was a trip to the bank and then to the DMV and then to emissions and then back to the DMV and then to insurance. By the time it was all said and done, I would have developed a headache that is still lingering with me. I wanted to do some writing at this point in the day, but I had the opportunity to go see the new Catching Fire movie. 

The only “catch” to seeing this movie for free was offering my company as compensation to a boy who would in turn pay my way to the film. Well, I thought, I’ve got no writing material for my blog today, so why not? 

I went to pick up Super Boy across town and this is where the adventure really began. I’m not a huge fan of driving and even less of new locations, because my sense of direction is so absolutely bollocks. This is why I have a GPS. So I program in the address to this GPS, and instead of giving me a heads up for my turns, GPS tells me “take ramp…(one second pause) TURN RIGHT ABSOLUTELY AT THIS MOMENT.” It does this for about three or four turns until I’m completely turned around. It then proceeds to take me up a mountain. No joke…a mountain. I saw a tourist trap attraction and managed to be followed by a car down every little side road on the mountain before the GPS decided, oh JK, you were supposed to take that road that DIDN”T go up the mountain. I was a little frazzled.

Once I got on the right street, the GPS told me to take this one road that would then turn into this second road. And then the second road just turned back into the first. It essentially had me taking the same road in a circle four times before I glared at the construction workers that were staring at me from the sidelines of my hellacious road experience, and decided to call Super for better directions. 

Mind you…this all occurred while I was in a neighborhood that was a shiver worthy combination of redneck hell and the scary ghetto. 

Pause on the story. Just gotta fill you in. At this very moment, Stumps just texted me. He hasn’t texted in over two weeks since the shenanigans of the used bookstore. And I really really haven’t missed him. I looked to my phone and saw his “hey” message and, it might be mean and wrong, but I just laughed and laughed and laughed until I fell on the bed crying. Because, life is so funny. And the dating world is one of those things that you gotta laugh at to keep from sad crying about. 

Anyway, so Super starts giving me directions to his place and it’s the worst version of directions since the GPS was possessed with the desire to go up the mountain. I’m almost frustrated enough to go home, but I stick it out for the blog’s sake and get there. After breathing a bit, we head to the theater. And over the course of seeing the movie and the snack/dinner afterwards, I make a slightly shocking but kind of obvious revelation: it’s really nice to be taken out on a date and treated like you are worth the time of having your company essentially paid for. 

I’m still a stone cold feminist, but I do admit, having a guy pay for me to have a nice time, and having a nice conversation, and having someone take an interest in me was quite a new, but welcome experience.I was able to tell Super some pretty close details about me since we’ve known each other for about a year now and he seemed interested in the knowing. I’m all for making an effort to show a guy I’m interested, but when it’s all me and they are seemingly ambivalent about it all then that wears thin very soon. Super even introduced me to his family as I WALKED HIM to the door. How’s that for reverse chivalry, ladies?

Catching Fire was a very well done film. The action built and built and then we were left with a true cliffhanger. It was well thought out and true to the book. Hooray. Finally. 

Well, I’ve got Super asking me for another date. I’ve got Stumps trying to do whatever he does. I’ve got Lanks complaining about his life to me again. It’s never dry for long around these parts. They all have their charm, and if nothing else, they’ve all been great characters for the never ending story I’m note taking for. I’m not trying to come across as a player either, but I’m trying to get as much out of these mid-20’s experiences as possible. It’s all just a movie anyway. 

-Anna R, Kotopple


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