Thankfullness. Well, first off, I’m very thankful I didn’t just set my apartment on fire. Coming home to the empty apatment after a day filled with funny family and too much food, I was desiring a bit of warmth. I decided to try out my fireplace. As a former girl scout, and someone of moderate intelligence who had been shown how to work the gas fireplace, I felt I could handle this. I was wrong. 

Good news is that the gas works. Bad news is that using a gas fireplace and a firestarter log in conjunction creates an absurd amount of smoke, and then pouring water on this log to put it out creates even more smoke…and a puddle rushing out from the fireplace and across your hardwood floor. Facepalm….for whatever I did or the multiple things I did that were incorrect in this situation. So after a cold hour of airing out the apartment, I am getting warm again now, even though the pervasive smell of campfire is still very strong. 

That’s why I’m thankful for this mixed drink. And fresh mozzarella cheese. Cheese can make a lot of situations more palatable. (Yuk Yuk Yuk) 

But honestly, I am thankful to have a wonderful, supportive and loving goofy family. We spent all day throwing our quips and puns, sipping on homemade espresso drinks (eggnog latte for me, quite wonderful), and eating and eating the meal that we had all at least contributed one thing to. I made a pesto and sour cream dip that was quite good. I attempted to pour some of it on a piece of turkey to make it taste less turkey-ish, but it didn’t help much. I get to be less and less of a meat fan as the years go on. I don’t eat pork at all, and poultry is on its way out. I still have a deep love for hamburgers though. That’s why the veggie life hasn’t grabbed me quite yet. 

My dad is a funny guy and says some bizarre things. The good thing is that he doesn’t mind what he says being laughed at, no matter how serious he may be about it. My brother was rocking some David Tennant glasses and hair cut. And little sis was trying to pay me $1 to go get her a soda from the store. Mom was laughing at us all. A fairly normal thanksgiving overall. 

I’m also thankful for my mind and the intelligence I have gained in these years of being alive. This year has been a sort of neverending news bulletin of bad news from breakup after breakup, evictions, job slumps, etc. But my health has ben good, and I think I’ve gained perspective so that I can appreciate the good times and not let the little dissipointments get me down. It’s been a sort of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger story. 

I’m not particularly jazzed about going to work at 6 a.m. tomorrow, working 9 hours with black Friday mall shoppers, and such. Yet, I am glad I have a job that allows me my freedom to live alone. And I’m grateful for the movie I am going to go see after work. As long as I don’t feel utterly disgusting and thoroughly pooped. 

I’m thankful I’ve been able to write everyday. It’s good to be able to brain dump here. Even though I will probably not make the 50,000 word count of NaPoBloMo, I still feel the count I’m building has been useful.

I’m also thankful for the Adventure Time marathon. It’s great. My brain doesn’t know what else to say today, because my anxiousness at Black Friday is mounting by the hour. Time to go to bed and just power through. The holidays are here, and so I’ll be putting up the tree soon and spending way more than is probably acceptable for my budget. Hooray!

-Anna R. Kotopple 


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