McCarthy finds the art within the process of “practicing” medicine

The Real Doctor Will See Your Shortly by Matt McCarthy

the-real-doctor-will-see-you-shortly-jacket I’m not sure about other people’s parents, but for my own experience, my parents were always sure (even years after I graduated college) that I’d missed my calling to go into medicine. My father still thinks that it would be merely a matter of time put into the years of medical school that stands between me and the Dr. before my name.

McCarthy makes it very clear that it takes a lot more than ambitions to make it in medicine. His memoir of his first year of residency at Columbia Hospital is a poignant and honest look at the grueling days, nights, weekends, and holidays that medical professionas devote to trying to save human lives. The connections they make, the pressure they are under, the unthinkable decisions they commit to are all indescribable, but McCarthy does a good job in trying to convey some of the weight.

Why does this book matter? Simply because McCarthy is who he is and is honest about the experience. McCarthy is not some George Clooney from ER type. He’s anxious, self-preoccupied, unsure, middle-aged and socially amiss. He is a real character you feel you can relate to, empathize with, and ultimately want to hear his story.

The takeaway from this book is all in the title. When Mccarthy started his first year of residency, he was not a real doctor. Through the relationships he forged and the blood, sweat and tears he put into his work, he became the real doctor in question. Informative, interesting, and shyly funny “The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly” is just what the doctor ordered.


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