Book Review: Curl Up with Love Letters to Felines and, of course, Your Own Kitten

The days have turned chilly, and it’s getting harder and harder to drag myself from the warmth of the bed and into the cold winds of winter. With one to┬áthree fat and sassy felines on the end of the bed at any given time, it’s even more difficult to leave the purring and languishing to join the supposed “real world” of work and (shudder) humans who claim the “dog person” status.

And this all has been made so much harder after reading “A Letter to My Cat,” by Lisa Erspamer a book whose sole purpose seems to be making me want to run home and cuddle with my kitten. This is a beautiful book, filled with wonderful photography of cats, cats and more cats. If I wasn’t a crazy cat woman already, I could appreciate how just downright pretty this book is. And then, as an added bonus, the book is full of anecdotes and odes to cats from all walks of life. Most of the cats of the book are companions to the rich and/or famous. Jackson Galaxy (The Cat Daddy from the show “My Cat From Hell), Kat Von D, actor Fred Willard, actress Amy Smart, Dr. Oz, musician Joe Perry, and Mariel Hemingway are just a few of the celebrities who are included in this book paying homage to their cats. The stories range from amusing to touching to inspirational. And of course, the main selling point of this book is that it features a letter written to Internet superstar cat, Lil Bub.

This book would delight any cat lover, and might even convince someone of the dog loving persuasion that adding a kitten to the household might not be such a bad idea. With our Internet already overrun with cat love, this book finds good company in being a print version of the best of the best kind of love for our companions and all their antics. Seriously, already, go buy it!
-Anna RK

PS: If you are a dog lover, don’t fret, Erspamer did a collection of epistles to pooches called “A Letter to My Dog.”

PPS: I received this book courtesy of the BloggingForBooks Web site. All the thoughts and opinions expressed herein this blog though are my own.